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Wesley School is a 4-star Texas Rising Star accredited school providing care and education for infants through Pre-K. We also provide aftercare programs and summer programs for children up to 12 years old.


At Wesley School, we follow The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool from Teaching Strategies. This curriculum focuses on social, emotional, language and literacy skills, mathematical relationships, exploration, physical development, and much more. As children grow at our school, we incorporate more elements of the Texas School Ready program to help prepare them for school.


We believe that school readiness starts in infancy. Children are more successful in their learning when they have a solid foundation in social, emotional and cognitive skills. Our approach involves helping children develop skills in regulating their emotions, establishing and sustaining positive relationships, participating cooperatively and constructively in groups, and most importantly develop a positive approach to learning. We do this by intentionally providing developmentally appropriate activities for the children to participate in. These activities enable children to explore math, science, social studies, reading, writing, etc.


Established in 1986, Wesley School is part of the Memorial United Methodist Church and is governed by an appointed board. The board meets regularly with Wesley’s Director to review and establish the policies of the school in the best interest of the children and families involved.​


The mission of Wesley School is to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning by nurturing the “whole child” by providing a stimulating environment that facilitates a foundation for academic, social, and emotional growth.


The center operates five days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.​ If you would like more information please fill out our contact form or contact us at (512) 467-9740 or


Wesley School genuinely cares for your child. The love and support they give is unmatched. Our daughter went to Wesley in 2004 as an infant and she thrived the entire 4 years she was there. By the time she entered kidergarten, she was prepared and didn't have any seperation anxiety. She is currently an A honor student and an accomplished violinist at the Lamar Fine Arts Academy. We currently have our second child at Wesley. He loves being there and is thriving just like his sister did. Thank you Wesley School!


Wesley School is a hidden gem on the east side! It’s been eleven years since my first daughter attended. Fast forward to 2016, each of my three children have attended and I continue to recommend the school to those I know looking for daycare. Tuition is very affordable compared to other preschools in Austin and I especially love the diversity that Wesley School has to offer!!


Our two girls (now 5 and 8) attended Wesley School from the age of 6 months through PreK. When we chose Wesley school we selected them because we could tell that the staff really cared about the wellbeing of their students. We loved the infant class and the children really liked many of their teachers as they got older, and developed friendships with other students that have extended into early elementary years, even though they are now at different schools."


Image by Kelly Sikkema
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